Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The 9:00 Portal. (and happy birthday Kelly)

The word is in. TripKnight's Lawyers For Burners and Freestyle Palace will be located at the 9:00 Portal at this years Burning Man. You will find us right near the Esplanade with the usual suspects. L.Cooper, Metaphysical, Adisa, Daddy, Vanessa, Kate, Artie, Reecy, John, Brooke, Dan and more. There will be some new faces as we have begun the restructuring of the music. This year we will launch the new "TripKnight Sound" as well as some new band members. as we move to a "big band" format. If you are interested in playing with us out there please contact us - Tripknight (at) tripknight (.) com. Speaking of usual suspects, it is unlikely that we will be blessed the presence of Kelly this year as she recently moved cross country. We would however like to wish her a happy, happy, happy birthday.

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nick nelson said...

thanks for everything this year guys. i had an amazing time and because of you all and your spirit i involved myself in many of the events this year. so thank you many times. the smile and the tear are proof that our BRC contribution was worth it.