Wednesday, February 15, 2012

World Kiss

Photo by Rober Tobas

We are totally loving this piece by Rob Brezsny, check it out:


All of creation is alive and conscious, and all of creation deserves our
burning, churning, yearning love. All of it. Not just the people and
creatures and things that we personally find beautiful and helpful and
interesting. But everything. All of creation.

If we want to become the gorgeous geniuses we were born to be, if we
want to give back as many blessings as we are given, we've got to be in
love with every single part of the Goddess's extravagant masterpiece.

And so we can't possibly be mere heterosexuals. We can't possibly be
mere homosexuals or bisexuals.

If we want to commune with the world the way the Goddess does, we've
got to be Pantheosexuals -- we've got to be experts in the art of
Polymorphous Perverse Omnidirectional Goddess Diddling. Anything less is
a lie, an obscene limitation.

With this in mind, I invite you to perform the ritual of the World Kiss. To
do the World Kiss, conjure up your most expansive feeling of tenderness -
- and then blow kisses to all of creation.

Blow kisses to the oak trees and sparrows and elephants and weeds. Blow
kisses to the wind and rain and rocks and machines. Blow kisses to the
gardens and jails, the cars and the toys. the politicians and saints, to the
girls and the boys and every gender in between.

And with each World Kiss you bestow, keep uppermost in your emotions a
mood of irreverent adoration and horny compassion. And remember that
it's not enough simply to perform the outer gesture; you've got to have a
heart-on in each of your seven chakras . . . .
On you and me and all of everything,  I bestow my ripest blessings, and hereby declare that since my atoms and your atoms were ripped asunder at the Big Bang, I have fantasized of our rapturous reunion.
World Kiss is brought to you by the ecstatic state of mind that the poet Daniel Ladinsky enjoyed when he said,
"One regret, dear World,
that I am determined not to have
when I am lying on my death bed
is that I did not kiss you enough!"


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