Sunday, March 18, 2012

TripKnight in Asheville this Saturday Night!

Queen Plz by Summer Puente, Space Circus by Jack Wabb, TripKnight by Emily Henderson

We are very excited to perform in Asheville this Saturday night, March 24th, at Remix for the Space Circus Show!

Hula hooping by Cock Ring!
Drag by Dimitri Savage!
And a performance by
Princess Perfect! meow!

Dance party by DJ Saute, DJ Queen Plz and TripKnight (Live mc's and original tracks)! filthy dirty beats, poppy, hot, all out booty shaking dance floor! Safety First Queerlovely dance space! Let's work it out on the floor, dear friends. It is sooooooo good to be alive and shake ass!

It's a benefit; let's help out our community near and far!
tranzmission prison project and *save shackistan! will get the proceeds.

*local families at risk of evictions due to housing code issues.

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