Monday, April 2, 2012

TripKnight, Keeping the Party Going!

March has been a really fun month in the TripKnight tapestry.  Our trip to Asheville to perform with Dj Queen Plz was full of booty shakin and incredible music.  The party was so crackin that Club Remix asked us to keep going till 3!  Asheville knows how to party. 
Philly!  What can I say, I love the city.  The view out of our hotel room was incredible.  We did some fun pre-show shopping on Chestnut street, a rare occurrence for us.  I'm glad we did because I found a leopard faux-fir cropped jacket for $10 even.  I love how flashy Philly is.  The main two items you can buy for cheap are thigh-high boots and DJ gear, now that's our kind of city!  Our TESOL international convention after party show was off the chain, and we got to meet incredible people from around the world.  It's official, we are keeping the party going.  Woop!

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