Sunday, December 30, 2012

SquawkBoat Grand Opening Kickstarter Update!

We have updated the Kickstarter for our SquawkBoat Grand Opening and Piano Burn Exhibit show in Sausalito, CA. Sarah, aka Squawk has been finishing up rewards and they are ready to be sent off! Here is a highlight video from the Grand Opening itself. The music in the video is produced by Adisa McKenzie
We had so much fun performing at the Underwater Gallery opening!  Thank you to everyone who came out to Richardson Bay and celebrated art, music, and life in the belly of SquawkBoat.  We topped the night off with some late night/early morning trapeze swinging.
Thanks again to Cold Steel Renegade for rounding out the evening with a killer 'Rock the Boat' air guitar performance.  Thanks to MissGawker and the w E i r D o e s for providing ambient music and videos to keep the vibe going underwater all night.  Thanks to Katie Heil and Becky Morrison for celebrity bar tending flaming piano drinks.
And most importantly, thanks to all of our Backers!  We really appreciate your help and look forward to more events at SquawkBoat in 2013. 

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