Friday, October 24, 2014

Durham Welcomes 'Ichiban Hibachi Supreme Buffet'

This is our first post about food/ restaurants ever.  Perhaps it's our love of Reno, NV that cultivated our love of a good buffet.  Or perhaps it's the fact that this buffet has CRAWFISH every time! Boiled to perfection.  There are 10 rows of food options.  There is a sushi bar.  There is an Hibachi grill station.  There is an ice cream corner.  There is a huge party room.  Basically, we are in heaven.  The decor is amazing; from fake life-size palm trees to a huge fountain water display featuring lit up giant oyster shells, a windmill and two over-sized fish spewing water.  Another perk about this place is definitely the people watching.  It's a total bargain, all you can eat buffet for lunch is $7 and dinner is $10.  We've been really enjoying plating our buffet plates in unique ways and combinations, as you can see in the photos above.  We love Durham even more now that we've eaten at this incredible place 3 times in one week.  No Joke, you gotta check it out. 

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