Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Black Rock City Allstars - Da Vinci's Workshop Just Released!

By the Black Rock City Allstars created and named after the 2016 Burningman Festival themed "Da Vinci's Workshop". Produced by Demond "DialectHD" Dowdy, Antonio "Dirty Urbin" Butler, Brandon "DJ Ethk" Murata featuring Dove, DialectHD, Steez, Aun, Meta, 2Keys, Additional Vocals by Ramases, Siamese, Dash, Da Boy Fam, Melody F#, Jules Robbins, Stevie Recorded and Mastered at Prescription Audio Studios - Reno, NV. Please accept this album as a FREE Playa Gift! Download the whole album in your choice of 320 MP3s or Wavs! 320 MP3s - 176.1 mbs www.blackrockcityallstars.com/albums/dav…/dw320.zip WAVS - 742.1 mbs www.blackrockcityallstars.com/albums/dav…dwwavs.zip

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