Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TripKnight Update, Feb. '11

Check out our new site launch: Squarehustle, coming up this week, two new interviews with female rapper Shorty Pimpish, and Tampa Riggins of the Black Rock City Allstars.

We are having a PARTY to celebrate Adisa's birthday, spring, and to get footage for our upcoming TripKnight music video, so deck yourself out and come on down!

The Black Rock City Allstars are on the move, check out their upcoming tour dates, including a show in San Francisco, friday Feb. 18th! Also, you can follow them on twitter: twitter/brcallstars, and if you are on facebook, remember to 'like' them to stay informed on all of the upcoming events.

For those TripKnight members in the south bay, be sure to catch Lani Grooves rocking out in your neck of the woods. Remember to 'like' Lani Grooves on facebook as well.

Foxy Monster Bearhoods are also on the move, check out the site and remember to spread the word about these amazing bear hoods! You can also 'like' Foxy Monster Bearhoods on facebook.

L. Cooper, of Wirerunner, continues to wire solar inverters all over the bay area, here is one of her systems in San Francisco.

Living in a beautiful place, Adisa and L. Cooper have been capturing the Patterson area, here is the photo series:

Of course we have already started thinking about Freestyle Palace and all of the magic that awaits at this years burn. We welcome all contributions big or small, and we are very excited for the palace to rise again!

A quick update on some of our TripKnight members: Kate and Artie are happily shoveling snow in the Chicago Blizzard, Reese is getting the party started in Virginia Beach (music video on the downtown strip '11!), Kelley continues her sexy nerdy girl mission at Stanford in the Decision Neuroscience lab, Nate is becoming a well known music photographer, check out his beautiful photos,
Amy continues her sexy artist mission getting her masters degree in St. Louis, check out her gorgeous paintings.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming TripKnight party on March 19th.
Lots of Love

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