Friday, March 11, 2011

TripKnight Update, March '11

We have a new Square Hustle feature!!

This month we showcase visual artists Sarah Hluchan and Simone Sheridan. The interview was a blast! Check out the site for photos, video and the artwork of Sarah and Simone. We love these ladies!

Adisa has been continuing his collaborative music mission and meeting some incredible producers and musicians from all over the globe. Here are two of his latest collaborations.

Rich - Feat. Adisa McKenzie by andy_martin90

A few years ago we had a mini TripKnight voyage to Bamako, Mali with Vanessa, Lempe, Adisa and L. Cooper. We stayed with our good friend Marco Sotelino. While in Bamako we reconnected with an incredible drum maker named Moussa from Dakar, Senegal. We also met a wonderful artist named Tenin. After our trip, Marco and his wife Carmella formed a company called Universal Drum. Please support this incredible company and artists like Moussa and Tenin by visiting the site and checking out the drums, masks, jewelry, tapestries and music. Such a beautiful way to bring the essence of Africa into your daily life!

Moussa, Marco, Tenin and L. Cooper in Bamako, Mali

We found a HUGE fire barrel and rolled it down to the party spot by the river just in time for our celebration, Check it out!

Alright lovelies, keep hustlin, keep movin, and remember to keep the party going!!

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