Monday, June 6, 2011

Rockin Bay to Breakers, Cold Steel Renegade in the Air Guitar Championships, and the new Black Rock City Allstars music video, 'Eclectic City'!

Bay to Breakers this year was a blast. It was the 100th year anniversary of the crazy race through San Francisco.  It's incredible to imagine folks in 1911 running 7 miles across the city, I guess the feather boas, stilettos and nudity came later;)   Here is a clip of our performance and some photos to document the morning.  Thank you so much to everyone who came out and played, danced, supported and ran, what a beautiful morning in Golden Gate Park!

Please be sure to check out Matt Feldstein, a.k.a Cold Steel Renegade compete in the 2011 San Francisco Air Guitar Championship.  He is the reigning two year SF Champ. The event is hilariously rock and roll and it is a joy to watch Cold Steel Renegade in his absolute element.  Here is a clip of his appearance and performance on Chronicle Live the night before last years San Francisco air guitar championship.

Cold Steel will be competing the second night of the SF regional championships, on June 25th.  The event is at the Independant in SF, here is a link to buy tickets.

We had the pleasure of performing at the How Wierd Street Faire in San Francisco on May 1st.  The Black Rock City Allstars filmed an incredible music video at the event.  Please check it out, this is amazing!

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