Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Rock City Allstars rock the Marketer's Ball, Adisa writes the 'Dyslexicon' theme song and Larry Harvey Speaks about going non-profit

We had the pleasure of attending the Marketer's Ball at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco.  The headlining acts were Too Short and Digital Underground.  What a night!  The Black Rock City Allstars opened the show and totally rocked it, the crowd had never experienced bass like that before!  It was incredible to see Digital Underground working their magic, Humpty/ Shock G was on point. Too Short kept it dirty for all the players in the crowd. It was pure magic. We are so proud of our Black Rock family! Here is a clip of their incredible performance:

                                             Adisa McKenzie                Shock G

After the success of 'All In' with Dubba Jonny (over 800 k views of the video on youtube), Adisa was commissioned to write the theme song for a Norwegian music festival called 'Dyslexicon'.
Here is the song:

We also had the pleasure of attending the 2011 Burning Man Convectional Caucus as volunteers for Lawyers for Burners.   It was an event created for regional organizers, a convention and showcase of all of the organizations that stem out of the Burning Man event. We answered questions about Lawyers for Burners and spoke with folks from Black Rock SolarBurning Man Internet Radio, Katherine Chen, the author of Enabling Creative Chaos, and all of the incredible people who organize regional burning man events all over the world. It was a beautiful day at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco. We made sure to enjoy the heat wave out on the front steps with Michael Michael, one of the founding members of the Burning Man event. The day was inspiring to say the least. At 6pm the doors were opened to the greater Burning Man community and Larry Harvey spoke about the new change from a limited liability corporation (L.L.C) to a non-profit organization. He gave us all of the background events and interpersonal dramas leading up to this decision, as well as the process of making this change.

Here are a few photos of Michael Michael and some other moments from our day at the Convectional Caucus.  It was such a wonderful reminder of the business opportunities when living on the fringe.  This one event in the desert has inspired so many people to start acting on their dreams, and Burning Man itself is profitable, to say the least, and continuing to spread the love and inspiration across the globe.  The business of partying, we LOVE it!

Be sure to check out TripKnight at Bay to Breakers on sunday, May 15th.  We will be performing at Stowe Lake and MLK Drive.  Keep the Party Going!!!

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