Friday, April 15, 2011

Cold Steel Animates, Reese sets up shop in Virginia Beach, and our Sexy TripKnight Nerdy Girls get head down in the Books!

Check out the new animation by Matt Feldstein a.k.a Cold Steel Renegade and Mike Z. All of the drawings and voices were done by Cold Steel. So much creativity in our crew! F*ck Yeah!!

Reese has been movin and shakin since the moment he pulled up to his place in Virginia Beach. He now owns a head shop, hot dog stand, and a skateboard business. That's our Square Hustler!! Check out the photos of his shops.

Adisa's cousin, Shorty Pimpish, is the HARDEST female rapper in Sacramento right now. We had the pleasure of doing a Square Hustle interview with her. We LOVE her, check out the video. NSFW

A big shout out to our sexy nerdy girls, Kate Rooks and Vanessa Reed. Vanessa got into the UC Berkeley Agricultural and Resource Economics program. Kate got into Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They both begin in the fall. Go girls! We love ya!

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katie said...

matt... you are insane, i love it. congrats to reese and the ladies